What our patients say about Norma Gomez DDS & Associates

“I was looking for a Dental Office that could offer me advice on how to fix my teeth and get a better smile, so I was referred to Dr. Gomez office by one of my friends.  Dr. Gomez recommended I get braces to help straighten my teeth and close my gap. Dr. Gomez  and her staff were very friendly and caring, and they taught me how to take care of my teeth throughout the entire process.  I had my braces on for about 1 year and 10 months.  I was very pleased with the results and I couldn’t be happier.  Everything from the experience, the different processes, the atmosphere was great.  I am glad I chose Norma Gomez DDS for my dental work, and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who is serious about achieving an AWESOME SMILE!!!”
Jeanette G.

“Immediately as I walked in the front of Norma Gomez DDS and Associates, I felt comfortable and confident that the service that I was about to receive would be of the highest quality.  My experience in getting braces, which lasted approximately 4 years, was fantastic overall.  The receptionists were friendly, and Dr. Gomez and the others were very caring and genuine individuals who helped me acquire a beautiful smile that I am proud of.  Great experience, great service, great people, thus I would recommend Norm Gomez DDS and Associates to any person seeking dental work for not only competitive pricing, but an overall comforting environment.”
Jay M.

“I am a relatively new patient at the practice of Norma Gomez, DDS in Branford, CT.  Based on my three visits, I have been completely satisfied with my experience there.  Every person I have spoken with at Dr. Gomez’s office has been professional, personable, and genuinely concerned about me as a patient.  I have been seen on time on all three occasions, the payment/insurance process has been smooth, and the result of the work done has been very good.  The office is comfortable, clean, and up-to-date.

I recommend Dr. Gomez and her staff without reservation and expect to be a long-term patient of the practice.”
Donald D.

“I grew up in a rural town and I belong to a generation that reached adulthood with few teeth. However, life is giving me the chance to recover them, and to do that I was lucky to get in Dr. Simon Bangiyev’s precise and delicate hands. It was a perfect surgery from every point of view.  Both, the demons of fear and anxiety that expectation produced me have completely disappeared. After the two sessions to put me 10 dental implants, inflammation and pain were minimal. Two painkillers were enough to feel comfortable and with no ache after a couple of days. Dr. Bangiyev and his staff have been attentive to my recovery, and the dentist who will put the teeth on implants found out that the X-ray taken after surgery shows an ideal position of the implants. The least I can do is to thank Dr. Bangiyev for being part of this dream to my teeth. Not only his professional qualifications are obvious, but also his kindness and generosity. Thanks Dr. Bangiyev, you do not know yet what your hands have given me.”

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