What is Sleep Apnea and Why Is It So Bad?

Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder in which breathing is interrupted during sleep. This interruption is caused by short (10-20 seconds) blockages of the upper airway by the short tissues at the back of the throat relaxing too much. Breathing interruptions can occur from five to 100 times per hour.

It is estimated that more than 90 million North Americans snore while sleeping. Sleep apnea can kill you according to a UCLA School of Dentistry study:

The struggle for breath can result in soaring blood pressure, which can damage the walls of the carotid arteries and increase the risk of stroke. Norma Gomez DDS and Associates provides solutions to sleep apnea and snoring.

At Norma Gomez DDS and Associates, we provide solutions for sleep apnea and snoring. Solutions include:

  • Oral Appliance Therapy for the Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Oral Appliance Therapy is a way to treat snoring that’s safe, effective and comfortable. Oral appliances look like sports mouth protectors. Worn while you’re asleep, they help keep the soft tissues at the back of your throat from collapsing. Basically, you breathe freely and quietly, with a night and your sleep uninterrupted.
  • “We provide an alternative to CPAP”
  • Screening and referral
  • Provide and monitor oral appliance therapy as part of treatment team with physician
  • Monitor and treat potential side effects of oral appliance therapy

You can get an affordable, non-invasive, comfortable, and effective snoring solution right here! Let us prescribe a snoring prevention device.

How to Care for Your Teeth in Braces


The following recommendations will help to eliminate or reduce oral health problems while your teeth are in braces:

  • Brush your teeth. After every meal use fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush, or an electric toothbrush as food becomes easily lodged between braces and wires.
  • Replace your toothbrush more often. A new toothbrush may be needed every three months, or sooner if bristles are broken or frayed. A worn toothbrush doesn’t do a good job.
  • Floss daily between the teeth and the braces with the special threaders that we showed you.
  • Have your professional recall cleaning every three months.
  • Limit sweets. Limit your sugar and starch intake, as debris left behind from these types of foods may turn into damaging acids, which, in addition to promoting plaque formation, may also be harmful to enamel and gum tissues.
  • Avoid hard and sticky. Avoid hard and/or sticky snacks that may be difficult to remove from the orthodontic appliance in your mouth. This includes hard foods such as popcorn, hard candy, nuts, and ice chips, and sticky foods like chewing gum, caramel, and other chewy candy.
  • Add fluoride. Ask your dentist about the application of a fluoride varnish around the braces to minimize white spots on the teeth after the braces come off.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact us.

What Are the Benefits of Braces?

Braces have been used for decades as a way of correcting misaligned teeth. But what is the problem with misaligned teeth and what exactly are the benefits of braces?

Correcting Your Bite

The main benefit of getting your teeth aligned with braces is that it will give you the correct bite. A misaligned bite can cause gum disease, bad breath,and also headaches, teeth grinding and general discomfort.

Improving Dental Health

A misaligned bite applies uneven pressure to your teeth and gums. By correcting your bite we prevent your teeth from deteriorating further and prevent the onset of gum disease.

A Beautiful, even Smile

Another benefit of braces is that because they will align your teeth, you will be able to have a more beautiful smile. You will smile with confidence, and will look happier and healthier.

We’ll give you results!

Children or Adults can benefit from Orthodontic treatment. As long as your teeth are healthy, we can move and align them. Contact us at Pure Smiles CT and set up a FREE consultation for a diagnostic of your orthodontic problem.

What is Orthodontics and Why Is It Necessary?

Why choose an orthodontic treatment?

Straight teeth are healthier teeth.

Straight, properly aligned teeth are not just beautiful, they help you avoid the negative effects of periodontal disease. They are easier to brush, therefore, make easier to keep a fresh breath.

Straightening your teeth can make a significant difference to having a healthy mouth, and keeping your teeth for life.

Start the road to a healthy mouth TODAY.

Ask Pure Smiles for a Free Diagnostic visit for your Orthodontic treatment.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the dental specialty that focuses on the development, prevention, and correction of irregularities of the teeth, bite, and jaws.

Orthodontists also have specialized training in facial abnormalities and disorders of the jaw. You should have an orthodontic consultation is you are not happy with your smile, if you are planning on investing in cosmetic dentistry, if your teeth are moving and changing. Also, the American Dental Association recommends that every child receive an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven.